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حملة #قانون_أسرة_عادل هي حملة أطلقتها مؤسسة قضايا المرأة المصرية ومؤسسة المرأة والذاكرة في مارس ٢٠٢٢م للمطالبة بتعديل قوانين الأحوال الشخصية لتصبح أكثر عدلًا وإنصافًا لجميع أفراد الأسرة. بدأت رحلة الحملة في شهر فبراير من عام ٢٠٢١م حين نشرت العديد من الصحف المصرية نسخة مسربة من مشروع قانون مقدم من الحكومة حول الأحوال الشخصية.
Indonesia has established a bill that is meant to protect its citizens from sexual violence. The bill is an effort to prevent various kinds of sexual violence. It aims to protect the survivors through recovery and enforcement of laws, and to ensure that there is no recurrence of sexual violence.
At the outset, I must say that my struggle for an equitable dissolution of my marriage is not unique. Many women around the world find themselves in the same, if not worse position as me. I was a 20-year-old student when I got married and continued to study during the first year of my marriage, while assisting my former husband in the family business.
With all this, it’s not hard to imagine that in many Muslim majority countries, women have had to take permission from their male guardians in order to go to work, run businesses, and even learn how to drive! Yes, as someone who lives in the UAE under the visa sponsorship of my father, I’ve had to get a ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) from him, which I then submitted to the driving institute.
تطوف بنا هذه الأيام نسائم الذكرى العطِرة لمولد النبي؛ وقد ترك لنا نموذجا فريدا من الأبوة. نموذجًا متوازنًا في التربية والرحمة والحوار والتقدير.يسعدنا أن نشارككم مقالًا
How can we build more just, equal, and spiritually nourishing Muslim marriages and intimate relationships? How does the Qur’an guide us in shaping this relationship that helps us realize our better selves? In this webinar, Dr. amina wadud and Dr. Sa'diyya Shaikh will reflect on issues of gender justice and family relations through spiritual lenses. Building on their scholarship and lived experiences, they will explore the intersections of spiritual growth, Qur'anic ethics, and egalitarian and mutually empowering family relations.
Laws on divorce vary in different countries, intimately bound with women's rights and access to justice. In many countries where Muslim communities are the minority, there is gaping inequality between men and women in their access to divorce and release from marriage.
Growing up in the suburbs of Malaysia, Zharin Zhafrael was taught to aim for the stars and reach for the sky. "I went to an all- girls school from the age of seven until 17, which ingrained in me the fact that anything boys can do, girls can do better,” she said. “At work, I was recognised for merit and held accountable when I failed to deliver. In my own household, my husband and I share equal responsibilities in bringing home the “halal” bacon (oh, don’t misquote me now) and caring for our two boys.”
Writing about a complex and multifaceted issue like polygamy is not an easy task, especially as the discourses around it remain divisive. Some approve the practice because they see it to be permitted by God, while others oppose it from a human rights point of view.
في العام الماضي، قامت مساواة بتدشين حملة نحو قوانين أكثر عدالة للأسرة المسلمة، والذي كان مقررًا تدشينه في مارس خلال فعاليات CSW، وذلك للتأكيد على ضرورة تعديل القوانين التمييزية. فلقد كشف وباء الكورونا الحالي عن عدة جوانب في قوانين الأسرة المسلمة، تشكل تهديدًا لحقوق النساء، وأمنهن، وظروفهن المعيشية؛ مما يؤكد أن المساواة داخل الأسرة، جزء لا يتجزأ من المساواة في المجتمع ككل
On 15 May 2021, we’re celebrating our first anniversary of launching the Campaign for Justice (CFJ) in Muslim Family Laws! Through the raging pandemic, the CFJ team at Musawah, with the support of our advocates, hit a great many milestones in amplifying advocacy online: holding webinars and a digital Global Conference week, to churning out key knowledge resources. Check out this look back on the CFJ!
Excerpt: This notion of two things being true at once certainly applies to Islamic feminism. Young Muslims should reclaim their identities against harmful stereotypes and aim to renegotiate this simplistic binary of Western “liberation” and Eastern “oppression”. At the same time, young Muslim activists should look introspectively at which aspects of their interpretations or legal institutions do more harm than good to citizens of the present context. This is the essence of more diversified forms of feminism and approaches to activism.