A Toolkit to Advocate for Reform

Where are you in your own journey of advocacy towards reform?

We recognise and celebrate that there are multiple pathways towards reforming Muslim family laws to reflect the equality and justice espoused in the Qur’an and the Sunnah, upheld in international human rights standards, codified in national constitutions—and manifested in our lived realities today.  

We invite you to explore each of the Pathways to Reform in this toolkit that brings us closer to #FreeOurFamilyLaws towards equality and justice in the Muslim family.

Illustrations by @sonaksha


‘For Moment to Movement: A Toolkit to Advocate for Reform’ is a one-stop online resource for national and regional advocates to engage in Muslim family law reform. Advocacy is about speaking truth to power, and at the heart of our work is elevating women’s voices and women’s lived realities. Among these resources, you will find entry points on knowledge building, capacity building, and advocacy; we hope these enrich your own work towards fighting for equality and justice in the Muslim family—and in our broader societies and countries. 

Where Musawah Began

It started with a moment in time, a meeting of 250 activists, scholars, policy wonks, lawyers and more from 47 countries to launch Musawah (equality in Arabic), the global movement for equality and justice in the Muslim family. Since then, this knowledge-building movement has coalesced around a simple and clear message: For there to be justice in the 21st century, there must be equality—equality in the family, equality in the home, equality in society and beyond.


Further Resources

A project by Musawah in collaboration with Sonaksha Iyengar and Ezrena Marwan.