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من ينفق؟ من يرعى؟ تغير الديناميات داخل الأسر المسلمة

About This Resource

The thematic paper “Who Provides? Who Cares? Changing Dynamics in Muslim Families” examines economic and parental rights and responsibilities in Muslim families using the holistic Musawah approach, which integrates Islamic teachings, international human rights principles, national guarantees of equality, and realities of women’s and men’s lives today.

Also available in English.

Another product of “Who Provides? Who Cares? Changing Dynamics in Muslim Families” is the Wheel of Healthy Muslim Families, which was derived based on key recommendations to families and individuals in order to facilitate transformation in marital relationships. It is illustrated as a positive version of the Wheel of Power and Control that is used in spaces to combat Violence against Women. It is available for download or you may write to us at info (at) to request a high-resolution PDF.


Europe, Latin America-Caribbean, Middle East-North Africa, North America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa
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