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About Us

Musawah (‘equality’ in Arabic) is a global movement for equality and justice in the Muslim family. Musawah was launched in February 2009 at a Global Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, attended by over 250 people from 47 countries. We are comprised of NGOs, activists, scholars, legal practitioners, policy makers, and grassroots women and men from around the world.

Musawah’s vision is a world where the basis for all human relations is





“Musawah believes equality and justice in the Muslim family are necessary and possible. We work for the advancement of human rights for women in Muslim contexts, in both their public and private lives. The time for equality and justice is now!”

Our Objectives

01Sharing knowledge

To build and share knowledge that supports equality and justice in the Muslim family using a holistic approach that combines Islamic principles and jurisprudence, international human rights standards, national laws and constitutional guarantees of equality and non-discrimination, and the lived realities of women and men.

02Connecting people

To build a critical mass of organisations, groups, and individuals that support, use, and promote the Musawah Framework for Action and are empowered to engage in the public discourse on Islam and women’s rights.

03Engaging internationally

To support the work of human rights mechanisms as well as groups and individuals working with these processes at the international, regional, and national levels to advance equality and justice in the Muslim family.

Our Journey


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