“A Conscience-Growing Exercise”

A holistic exploration of how Muslim marriages can be grounded in equality, justice and mutual well-being, produced through a partnership with 17 authors.

Justice And Beauty In Muslim Marriage is a theoretical, practical and spiritual guide to living justice, love and equality in Muslim marriage.

Read this book to learn how the Qur’an, Sunna, Muslim legal tradition, and family laws and practices guide us to egalitarian marriages.

Justice And Beauty In Muslim Marriage book cover

The model of marriage constructed in classical Islamic jurisprudence rests on patriarchal ethics that privilege men.

This worldview persists in gender norms and family laws in many Muslim contexts, despite reforms introduced over the past few decades. In this book, a diverse group of scholars explore how egalitarian marital relations can be supported from within Islamic tradition.

Brought together by the Musawah movement for equality and justice in the Muslim family, these scholars examine ethics and laws related to marriage and gender relations from the perspective of the Qurʾan, Sunna, Muslim legal tradition, historical practices, and contemporary law reform processes. Collectively they conceptualize how Muslim marriages can be grounded in equality, mutual well-being and the core Qurʾanic principles of ʿadl (justice) and iḥsān (goodness and beauty).

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The Authors

Find out more about the 17 writers hailing from diverse disciplines and how their differences speak to one another and towards a goal of offering new approaches to the tradition.

Chapter Summaries

The chapters examine the Qur’an, Sunna, Muslim legal tradition, and family laws and practices to explore how Muslim marriages can be grounded in equality, justice and mutual well-being.

Reader's Guide

This Feminist Reader’s Guide is an effort to make the book more accessible to more readers, and more approachable for study circles who want to discuss the topics.


“Teeming with provocative and restorative ideas, this book reframes the practice of marriage as it is lived in all its complexities. Drawing on tradition and experience, marriage now becomes a wholesome way of self-fulfillment as expressed by these courageous authors. It is a very timely intervention and much needed. A must-read.”

Ebrahim Moosa

“This exciting collection of essays by an impressive array of experts takes Musawah’s mission from the critique of injustice and patriarchy in Muslim marriages and family laws to the building of a vision that yearns and works for divinely inspired justice and beauty in Muslim families and communities. The book is bold, radical, and groundbreaking. It will be an indispensable tool for Muslim activists the world over.”

Juliane Hammer

“Justice and Beauty in Muslim Marriage addresses the ethical emptiness and lack of poetic sensibility in the patriarchal discourse on women’s rights … The findings of the book, that Muslim marriage laws and normativity are not in line with contemporary understandings of justice, promise a hermeneutic shift towards egalitarian legislation and pluralist normativity.”

Muhammad Khalid Masud

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