Capacity Building

Musawah works in four key areas: knowledge building, capacity building, international advocacy, and communications and outreach.

Musawah works to strengthen our sense of community and common purpose through capacity building and outreach to activists and CSOs from Muslim contexts throughout the world.

Through our capacity building work, we offer an alternative discourse on an Islam that upholds the principles of equality and justice, helps build a tradition of public debate on religion and public law and policy, and advocates for women’s rights in Muslim contexts.

Musawah contributes towards building a tradition of public debate on Islam.

Our Goal

A core of Advocates able to share knowledge about the dynamic interactions between the Qur’an, fiqh, and the rights framework, and to advance rights-based arguments grounded in lived realities and an understanding of Islam that upholds equality and justice.

How do we achieve this? I-nGEJ training courses.

Our Impact


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Testimonials from Past I-nGEJ Participants

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