Musawah's Islam & Gender Equality and Justice (I-nGEJ, pronounced 'I engage') Course contributes to shaping a public discourse that recognises equality and justice for Muslim women.
Musawah Advocates contribute to new book which argues for women's full equality before the law by re-examining jurisprudential and theological reasonings for male guardianship.
Musawah's latest publication takes a fresh look at Muslim legal tradition, presenting exciting new feminist research from within the tradition, and challenging discrimination and the assumption of male authority.
A look at the Lives of Women in Muslim Families today and their Struggle for Justice and Equality.
Musawah Knowledge Building Briefs provide you with an accessible understanding of key concepts and ideas related to the muslim legal tradition and family laws.
The Musawah Vision for the Family proposes a model of Muslim family relations that upholds equality and justice for all family members and promotes the well-being of families and society.

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