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Campaign for Justice in Muslim Family Laws Microsite Designer

Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities


About Musawah and the Campaign for Justice in Muslim Family Laws (“CFJ”)

Musawah, a global movement for equality and justice in the Muslim family, launched the global Campaign for Justice in Muslim Family Laws (MFLs) in May 2020. The campaign aims to build a global momentum to put family law reform against 12 identified principal issues of concern in the entering, during and dissolution stages of marriage (e.g. polygamy, child and forced marriage, domestic violence, guardianship and custodianship, marital property rights upon divorce, etc) on the agenda of governments, the international community and treaty bodies, as well as women’s rights movements. 

About the CFJ Microsite Project

One of the key strategies of the CFJ is to establish itself as a vocal and visible leader on Muslim family law reform at international level and a globally recognised vibrant and visual space for digital advocacy and discussions on MFLs, reform efforts and organising and mobilising for family law reform. 

Currently, Musawah holds the world’s only global repository of Muslim family laws, which includes these country overview tables with rich and vital information about legislation, case law, procedure, policies and practices in over 38 countries, including 5 new tables from Sub-Saharan Africa. Each table is between 30 – 60 pages long, hosted on the current Musawah website in PDF format and thus are not as accessible to the ordinary website visitor. Hence, it is proposed that there be a sub-site/micro site of the current Musawah site ( or similar) that hosts:

(1) Country pages for 38 countries with links key resources 

(2) All the Muslim Family Law overview tables for each of the 38 countries pages for 12 principal issues of concern under MFL’s 

(3) Campaign for Justice in MFL Activities & Resources

(4) CFJ Movement Updates 


To achieve the intermediate outcome (IO2) under Musawah’s Theory of Change of Building a Collective Force for Change.

  • The CFJ needs visibility, especially if it is to establish itself as a powerful Muslim women led, global South campaign. 
  • Thus, the CFJ requires a designated space on the website, which while being primarily on Muslim family laws, needs to display information and resources of the Campaign including about the three regions that we work in and the thematic groups and collaborations within them. 
  • The CFJ also has blog posts like this annual update which not only gives an overview about the activities under the Campaign but also inspires activists to persevere in the pursuit of law reforms in their contexts. 


  • CFJ Microsite Design
      • The CFJ microsite presents a visually attractive, user-friendly website for users
      • Potential sections could include: 
        • About the Campaign (launch video, stats) and how to get involved 
        • Information about regional strategies, thematic groups and implementation plans & activities 
        • Resources such as Policy Briefs, Global Repository on MFLs and other resources that are added from time to time
        • Standing for Justice Digital activism series and embedded videos 
        • Campaign blog posts by advocates to inspire action

Workplan and Project Milestones

    • Design CFJ Website Structure (Estimated duration 3 weeks)
      • Kick off meeting with Musawah and the Website Developer on the objectives of the website, the site map, and agree on the design parameters (e.g. mobile viewing friendly, dynamic vs static, target audience, traffic receiving, ability to migrate to other languages)
      • Research for ideas to design the structure of the website e.g.
      • Design the basic structure of Landing Page and Sections based on the content provided by Musawah team and the interface / cross referencing of resources between the CFJ website and Musawah main website in English and Arabic
      • Present to Musawah & Website Developer the proposed website structure for feedback and comments
      • Finalise the CFJ Website Structure for sign off & define primary content to be uploaded to test structure robustness
      • Review CFJ Website once primary content has been uploaded to ensure readability, user-friendliness, links and references workability 
      • Review CFJ Website once all content has been uploaded for completeness, user-friendliness, etc
  • Design Website Visual (Estimated duration 2 weeks)
    • Design the website layout planning, the branding colour scheme, etc to determine the look and feel of the website that is in line with Musawah’s vision for the CFJ and existing Musawah artwork
    • Source illustrations to meet the website design specifications
    • Based on the proposed website structure presented, design the mock up
    • Present to Musawah & Website Developer the proposed design (mock up) for feedback
    • Obtain Musawah sign off on the branding colour scheme and selected illustrations for the website


  • Project to commence on 1 August 2022 and end by 30 November 2022


  • Website Design
  • Contract Signing
  • Kick-Off Meeting
  • First Design Draft for Musawah Feedback and Comments – site map, content listing, interface
  • Final Design for Sign Off
  • Testing Design
  • Completion

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

Technical Skills

  • HTML, CSS, Java Script
  • WordPress – experience in the “block editor” function and expand the functionality using plugins
  • Image processing programmes – Adobe suite
    Experience in Web Server Management to be able to anticipate issues and thereby incorporating mitigation strategies
  • Awareness in copywriting to get messages across in a succinct way
  • Skilled in Search Engine Optimisation – ability to use keywords, improve page load speeds, boost domain credibility, and provide regular page updates to rank the site highly.
  • Making a webpage responsive is all about accessibility – ensuring the menus, text, and buttons are clear and usable throughout the page as well as optimising the website to run well.
  • Experience in mobile-friendly sites design and development – must accommodate their layouts to support a wide variety of screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Excellent handle on User Interface and User Experience to make the website enjoyable to use and navigate by Musawah’s target audience.
  • Graphic design
  • Colour theory and branding

Other Skills

  • Project management & strong organisational skills
  • Research skills
  • Effective Communication skills
  • Collaboration and coordination
  • Focused
  • Critical Thinking and ability to pre-empt issues and challenges
  • Empathy and patience
  • Taking feedback

Salary and Benefits

Information provided upon discussion/interview.


Applicants can be based anywhere in the world.

How to Apply

Documents to be included in your application

  • Your CV
  • Portfolio of past web design and development

Please e-mail your application to [email protected] by 1 July 2022

We thank all those who apply; only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.