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Call for Proposals – Development of Online Training Modules


Musawah is a global movement for equality and justice in the Muslim family that advances rights for women living in Muslim contexts. Musawah advocates for reform in Muslim family laws and practices, using Islam as our source of legitimacy and reclaiming its egalitarian ethos. We centre the needs and lived realities of families today and challenge the ways Islam is used to justify discrimination against women in law and practice.  

Our global movement brings together activists, policy makers, and scholars who develop and use our resources in their advocacy and public education, including family laws, violence against women, child marriage, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. 

Since 2013, Musawah has trained over 400 activists, academics and policymakers from 36 countries, across four regions, through its flagship Islam and Gender Equality and Justice (I-nGEJ) course and several other forms of training and workshops. While training was generally held in person, the COVID-19 pandemic saw Musawah shift to conducting several shorter online and hybrid versions of the I-nGEJ course and other training. With the development of its existing I-nGEJ and three new courses, Musawah aims to adapt their courses into online modules. 

Scope of Project

The winning vendor shall work with Musawah’s Capacity Building (CB) team to create three online modules of Musawah’s training courses to make Musawah’s knowledge and resources accessible, to ultimately enable movement building and enhance resilience and solidarity amongst Muslim family law reform advocates, and to engage with what is a contentious and difficult subject matter at the intersections of religion, law, politics and gender.

Specific Objectives
  • Further democratize knowledge of Islam and Gender Equality by significantly expanding our reach of audiences worldwide to facilitate the expansion of public discourse;
  • Offer these courses at a more affordable price; 
  • Make Musawah’s training easily accessible upon demand through standardized automated online modules, synchronous and asynchronous learning pathways that tailors to the needs of various stakeholders, taking into consideration language, time, and stages of knowledge; 
  • Increase in Musawah’s global credibility as a learning center in line with the increase in Musawah’s digital footprint;  
  • Reduce the strain on Musawah’s resources and manpower needed to deliver the course while still meeting the high demand for training. 

Scope of Work

The hired vendor will work on: 

1. Platform and Security 

  • Develop or select a safe, affordable and versatile platform that is secured to host online capacity building tools and training.
  • Ensure that online trainings can be archived for long-term use and for documentation by using a strong platform that won’t easily be deleted/removed by the platform provider. 
  • Ensure that the online platform has built in online modules with recordings, reflection blogs and quizzes at the end of relevant training. 
  • Methods and tools developed on the platform take into consideration participant engagement and security.
  • Guidance provided to Musawah on what formats can be used to conduct online courses. 

2. Digital Content

  • Develop/re structure content for online learning spaces, including live and/or recorded presentations, exercises, etc. 
  • Develop supportive online tools that scaffold the learning process, highlighting the cumulative milestones constituting that process throughout the course (such as Google Forms attached to exercises, presenting milestones and outcomes on Excel sheets etc.)
  • Develop courses that heighten engagement and move beyond traditional webinar/ Q&A/ panel sessions to build a sense of community amongst those taking training online. 
  • Create innovative pathways to follow-up with participants after the course using the online platform, to ensure continued cross-learning amongst different cohorts and achievement of impact on the ground post-course.
  • Develop and upload content that is tracked with holistic analytics (similar to Google Analytics) to know more about user engagement and lesson take-up
  1. Compare and identify a safe, secure, sustainable and cost efficient platform to host online training modules. The vendor to advise on if this will be a customized platform specifically for Musawah or existing online module platform. 
  2. Three online modules based on Musawah’s curriculum, on the chosen platform that is engaging and rigorously tested for student usability. 
  3. Exciting digital content for online courses including interactive learning tools (graphics, shorts videos, worksheets), data monitoring and analytics.
  4. Plugins for security, analytics and language localisation.
  5. Knowledge transfer and product roadmap documentation detailing maintaining and updating of the module platform, together with ideas for further development.
Tasks and Tentative Guiding Timeline
Milestone Key tasksDeliverables
Primary Assessment & Planning Phase
Onboarding & assessmentDeadline:
November 2023
Contract Signing, agreement on deliverables and onboarding Initial methodology
CB Workshop sessionCB Workshop: 3rd – 5th December 2023Successful vendor to lead a session in an in-person workshop digitalisation process and finalize their UX project brief. 1. A design thinking workshop session to take place at CB strategy workshop.
2. A project brief detailing project background, objectives, success criteria, timeline, stakeholders, target audience, etc.
3. Product roadmap – long term plan after the end of the initial launch of the platform
Content Development
Content Successful vendor to work with content developers to create the material needed1. Content plan (structure / format of the content & tone of voice to use according to the target audience) to be guided by Musawah’s curriculum structures 
2. Content development (how many batches – to be determined and projected clearly in timeline)
3. Batch Testing: Content usability testing and revisions if needed
Platform population and launch 
Launch planTo work with Musawah’s Comms team to to develop a launch planPlot a communications plans & materials
Platform populating & testing Musawah modules and material out online for testingVendor conducts user testing for functionality and useability. 

Scope out testers for testing according to the target audience, prepare test scripts, do the testing and produce a report. 
Online module goes liveTotal of at least two full automated modules and one mixed method module launched online
Final Milestone
Deadline: Dec 2025
Post launch fixes.  
To seek out any user feedback after 3-6 months of live date, and plot out Phase 2 (for improvements of the portal) if there needs to be.

Knowledge transfer and roadmap documentation. 
Bid Selection Timeline & Criteria
  • Deadline for proposal submissions: 18th September 2023
  • Decision on selected proposal: October 2023 
  • Upon notification, the successful respondent to begin work: November 2023

Proposals to Include:
  • Methodology – Please describe how you are going to tackle the Musawah Digitalisation project and its needs to achieve the desired outcomes. Please include your initial methodology for achieving each of the components of the project, such as how will you determine the platform, develop the course content and go about testing? 
  • Please describe your philosophy for making the final course module to be usable and accessible to a wide range of audiences who are geographically dispersed. 
  • Timeline required for each phase of the project. 
  • Budget breakdown by deliverables. 
  • Key team member resumes (Please tell us which team members have the following
  • Responsibilities and who will be the main point of contact).
  • Organizational profile, including past clients and type of work.
  • A sample of your latest work or a sample of a similar project your team conducted in the past three years.

(Please note: In the first phase of the project, there is an in-person meeting which may require travel where you will be able to run a workshop session with Musawah before you finalize your project brief).

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

Selection Criteria:

  • Qualification of Team. Particular attention will be given to teams with the following: team make-up including those with experience in project management, digital module developers, content creators, etc. 
  • Specialized Experience. Those with experience in developing online/training curriculum and educational material.
  • Quality of past performance: A proven track record of developed online modules for training institutes, corporations or organizations in the past five years. 
  • Understanding of behavioral performance of online training to create engaging content for diverse audiences.
  • Experience in working with other NGOs and feminist groups is an added advantage. 
  • Skills and the ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people in different parts of the world and to lead virtual teams.

How to Apply

Kindly submit your project proposal to [email protected] with the subject line “Submission for online modules call for proposal” by 30th September 2023.

We thank all those who apply; only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.