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Call for Artists in South/South East Asia

Musawah aims to engage 3 young artists who can create powerful stand-alone pieces of digital artwork about the lived realities of Muslim girls and women to highlight the impact of unjust interpretations of Islam on their lives and rights.

Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities

Introduction to Musawah and the Campaign for Justice in Muslim Family Laws (“CFJ”)

Musawah, a global movement for equality and justice in the Muslim family, launched the global Campaign for Justice in Muslim Family Laws (MFLs) in May 2020. The campaign aims to build global momentum to put family law reform against 12 identified principal issues of concern in the entering, during and dissolution stages of marriage (e.g. polygamy, child and forced marriage, domestic violence, guardianship and custodianship, marital property rights upon divorce, etc) on the agenda of governments, the international community and treaty bodies, as well as women’s rights movements. 


The Campaign for Justice in Muslim Family Laws has provided a unique opportunity for Musawah to focus our knowledge building work on discriminatory Muslim family laws in ways that can directly contribute to the work of advocates and practioners working on family law reform. Those working at the national level often face significant challenges with regard to backlash and resistance from conservative Muslim groups and Muslim majority governments, and/or anti-Muslim groups and secular or non-Muslim States. Demand for Musawah’s resources, resource persons and research continues to grow, especially when national groups seek to engage with the public and garner support for reforms. 

This engagement with artists is to be part of Musawah’s knowledge building component to facilitate access to existing knowledge about gender in Islam and create new concepts and narratives about Muslim gender norms, status and trends in family law reform and disrupting patriarchal norms. The modality of developing different works of art around existing knowledge and analysis provides a unique and accessible format for public engagement for advocates and activists.


Musawah aims to engage 3 young artists who can create powerful stand-alone pieces of artwork about the lived realities of Muslim girls and women to highlight the impact of unjust interpretations of Islam on their lives and rights.

3 artists will be contracted on a consultancy basis as follows: 

  1. 2 artists will be engaged to create 1 set of graphics/illustrations each (e.g. comic strip, zine)
  2. 1 graphic recording artist who will provide graphic recording of the Child Marriage workshop*  

These graphics/illustrations will feed into national advocacy campaigns, and will also amplify the Campaign for Justice’s efforts to highlight realities on the ground. 

Some of our priority themes for the Asia region include child and forced marriage, rights within the marriage, inheritance, consent and sexuality, divorce and custody of children, and gender roles within the family.

*The Child Marriage workshop is a 3-day in-person event and is scheduled to be held from 28 to 31st October. The selected graphic recording artist is expected to attend the workshop in person. Location will be shared after contracting.  

Timeline and Milestones

Milestone  Timeline
Selected candidates will have their first meeting with the Musawah team to discuss the parameters of work and share ideas. Musawah will share any relevant analysis of Musawah knowledge resources and connect artists with national advocates where needed Aug
Artists share storyboarding of initial ideas 30 Aug 
Artists share first mock-ups with Musawah  20 Sept
Musawah provides feedback 30 Sept
Submission of final artwork in digital format 25 Oct

For the graphic recorder, final submission will be 10 days after the workshop. 


Knowledge, Skills and Experience


  • Artists must have familiarity with feminist social justice and human rights framework
  • Passion for social change and storytelling 
  • Based in or have lived experience of South Asia or South East Asia 
  • Previous experience working on similar projects
  • Reference for Musawah’s current/previous artwork can be found here.

Salary and Benefits

Available budget for this engagement is up to USD 3,000 per artist. 


How to Apply

To apply, please include the following documents in your application:

  • Your CV
  • Portfolio of past projects 
  • A financial quotation of your services 

Please e-mail your application to [email protected] with the subject line, ‘Call for for Artists in SA/SEA’ by 30 July 2022. 


We thank all those who apply; only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.