Musawah Oral Statement on Kuwait (2011)


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In October 2011 – The Musawah Thematic Report on Kuwait and Oman was submitted to the CEDAW Committee for review at its 50th Session. This report takes a critical look at marriage and family relations in both Kuwait and Oman, members states of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Specifically, it focuses on the issues of dower (sometimes used interchangeably, and mistakenly, with dowry); child marriage, forced marriage, and choice in marriage; divorce; property rights within marriage and its dissolution; inheritance; domestic violence (e.g. marital rape); obedience; guardianship (wali); custody; and the ability to pass nationality to foreign spouses and/or children. This is Musawah’s first thematic report on Article 16.

This is the Oral Statement on Kuwait delivered at the 50th Session of the CEDAW Committee.

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