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Knowledge Unbound

Musawah is about community building. We stand for the empowerment of each believer to take the resources we have compiled and to take them into your own contexts and apply them in creative and powerful ways. We want to know how you have taken ownership of your faith and sought to uplift fellow Muslims from unjust interpretations and un-Islamic cultural practises that are devoid of Allah’s Mercy and Justice.

On this page you will find stories shared by our global audience of the enterprising ways in which they have applied what they have learned through Musawah.


Have you got a story to tell?

We want to hear how you have shared the knowledge building resources from Musawah. Lets share our stories, and encourage one another to what is just. 

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Join us in our journey to promote justice and equality in Muslim families. Together, we challenge and transform outdated interpretations and advocate for laws and practices that uphold the Qur’anic principles of equality and dignity in Islam.