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WEBINAR: In Search of an Ethical Framework for Gender Justice in Islam

We are pleased to invite you to join us in this webinar titled In Search of an Ethical Framework for Gender Justice in Islam”, featuring Dr. Mariam Al-Attar (American University of Sharjah), with the participation of discussant Dr. Fatima Seedat (African Gender Institute, University of Cape Town) and moderated by Dr. Mulki Al- Sharmani (Musawah).

What are the different approaches to Islamic ethics and how can we build upon them to develop an ethical framework that foregrounds gender justice? 

In this webinar, Dr. Mariam Al-Attar and Dr. Fatima Seedat will explore different understandings of ‘ethics’ and shed light on the challenges of ethics as a field of study within Islamic intellectual tradition. They will discuss the possible contours of an Islamic ethical framework for reform and its relevance for Muslim gender justice contemporary discourses.

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Webinar Recording:

In Search of an Ethical Framework
for Gender Justice in Islam

Speakers bios:


Speaker: Dr. Mariam Al Attar holds a PhD in Islamic Ethics from the University of Leeds. She currently teaches Arabic heritage and Islamic philosophy at the American University of Sharjah. She is the author of Islamic Ethics: Divine Command Theory in Arabo-Islamic Thought. Her research interests include moral philosophy, kal’am, us’ul al-fiqh, and contemporary Arab thought. Prior to her academic career, she was a physicist working as a clinical scientist.

Discussant: Dr. Fatima Seedat has a specialisation in gender studies at the intersections of Islam, sexuality and law. Her doctoral dissertation examined the discursive construction of the female legal subject through narratives of sex-difference in classical and contemporary Islamic law. She writes on the convergences of Islam and feminism, queering the study of Islam, militant Muslim masculinity and egalitarian readings of Islamic law. Her current research projects include feminist readings strategies and reform methods for Islamic law and she is in the early stages of a project on gender non-conforming Muslim sexualities. Dr. Seedat’s teaching focus lies in African and other feminist theorising, and feminist research and writing methods..

Moderator: Dr. Mulki Al-Sharmani is Associate Professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Helsinki. Mulki is also a member of the Musawah Knowledge Building Working Group and coordinated the Global Life Stories Project. She is also the author of Gender Justice and Legal Reform in Egypt: Negotiating Muslim Family Law, 2017 (the American University in Cairo); co-editor (with Ziba Mir-Hosseini and Jana Rumminger) of Men in Charge? Rethinking Authority in Muslim Legal Tradition, 2015 (OneWorld); and co-editor (with Marja Tiliikainen and Sanna Mustasaari) of Wellbeing of Transnational Muslim Families: Marriage, Law, and Gender (Routledge, 2019).

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