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Musawah, AWID and CSBR co-hosted a webinar on #RightsAtRisk in Asia-Pacific during which four activists from Asia-Pacific share their experiences and analyses on the advances of fascisms and fundamentalisms in the region.
Musawah, Equality Now and more than 100 women’s rights and human rights organisations and activists working in Muslim contexts wrote to leaders of Muslim-majority countries urging them to raise their voice to support equality for women, recognise the critical role that women’s rights defenders play in this regard, and condemn the imprisonment and torture of women human rights defenders.
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By Zainah Anwar. Welcome to the newly redesigned website for Musawah, and to our brand-new blog. As the executive director of Musawah, I’m thrilled to launch this platform to showcase the work of our Advocates, activists, feminist scholars, and human rights defenders who make up the Musawah movement and embody the changes we want to see in the world.