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Knowledge Building Brief #4: CEDAW and Muslim Family Laws argues that full implementation of CEDAW is possible in Muslim contexts, despite some arguments from non-compliant governments. This brief explains how the Convention can become
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Knowledge Building Brief #3: Islam and the Question of Gender Equality discusses the relationship between Islam and gender equality. Because notions of gender and rights found in classical fiqh (jurisprudence) were socially constructed for that
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Musawah Vision for the Family proposes a model of Muslim family relations that upholds equality and justice for all family members and promotes the well-being of families and society. The document outlines how and
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This paper provides the conceptual framework for Musawah, demonstrating that equality in the family is necessary and possible through a holistic approach that brings together Islamic teachings, universal human rights principles, fundamental rights and
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Dans “Avis de Recherche: Égalité et justice dans les familles musulmanes”, les articles de cet ouvrage de documentation publié pour Musawah, le mouvement mondial pour l’égalité et la justice dans les familles musulmanes, cherchent
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