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This paper is intended to better understand the gendered impacts of COVID-19, specifically how COVID-19 interacts with discriminatory Muslim family laws and the challenges faced by Muslim women who are subject to those laws.
In 2016, Musawah began compiling country tables containing an overview of legislative frameworks, available case law, policies, procedures and practices in the 12 principal areas of concern relating to Muslim family laws. Law reforms
In June 2020, Musawah and Maldivian women’s rights organisation Uthema submitted a Joint Thematic Report on Maldives to the CEDAW Committee for review. This report examines Maldives’s legal frameworks and practices that enforce de
Thematic Areas:
‘Policy Brief 1: Why Muslim Family Law Reform? Why Now?’ outlines 10 fundamental facts to make the case for the reform of Muslim Family Laws, especially since resistance to reform is based on religious
In February 2020, Musawah submitted a Thematic Report on Afghanistan to the CEDAW Committee for review at its 75th Session in Geneva, Switzerland. This report examines Afghanistan’s legal frameworks and practices that enforce de
The “Comparative Legal Review of the Impact of Muslim Family Laws on Women Across Commonwealth Asia and Africa” report, commissioned by Sisters For Change and authored by Musawah, provides a comprehensive legal review of
In October 2011 – The Musawah Thematic Report on Kuwait and Oman was submitted to the CEDAW Committee for review at its 50th Session.This is the Oral Statement on Kuwait delivered at the 50th
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