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لقد بدأت حركة مساواة في عام 2016، في إعداد الجداول الخاصة بالأُطر التشريعية، والسوابق القضائية، والسياسات، والإجراءات، والممارسات، في 12 مسألة تتعلق بقوانين الأسرة. ولقد أثبتت التعديلات التشريعية، في عددٍ من السياقات في الدول
In October 2011 – The Musawah Thematic Report on Kuwait and Oman was submitted to the CEDAW Committee for review at its 50th Session. This report takes a critical look at marriage and family
In 2016, Musawah began compiling country tables containing an overview of legislative frameworks, available case law, policies, procedures and practices in the 12 principal areas of concern relating to Muslim family laws. Law reforms
The Compilation of Resources outlines and brings together resources from Musawah’s holistic framework – Islamic teachings, universal human rights, national and constitutional guarantees of equality, and the lived realities of women and men –
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