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**Blog Submission Guidelines**

Interested in contributing to Musawah’s blog? We are open to receiving pitches for submissions of personal narratives, essays, opinion pieces, artwork, interviews, and more. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch!

Blog Submission Guidelines

  1. All posts must be original and submitted in English, Arabic, French, or Bahasa Melayu. If you can provide a translation in those languages, we will consider other languages as well. 
  2. Submissions must be between 500–2000 words.
  3. Topics especially welcomed include: 
    • your personal narrative as a Muslim 
    • the lived experiences of Muslim women in your local context 
    • developments in Muslim family laws or personal status laws 
    • women’s rights/human rights/gender equality and Islam 
    • Islamic/Muslim feminism(s) 
    • social justice/gender justice movements 
    • Qur’anic or Hadith interpretations that support justice and equality
    • update on your organisation/group’s work, etc
  4. We give precedence to authors who are Muslim women or currently working on Muslim women’s issues and/or in an organisation that works on Muslim women’s issues. 
  5. If selected, your post may go through an editing process, which may include edits on grammar, syntax, clarity, length, etc. We will work with you to ensure the post remains in your voice.
  6. Where relevant, we encourage you to cite your sources, with links where possible.
  7. If you have suggestions for accompanying images or multimedia, please say so in your pitch email.
  8. If your post has appeared on your personal or organisational blog, please note so and whether you have permission to repost it elsewhere. 
  9. Please include a short bio of the author or organisation (50–100 words), including social media handles, if you would like Musawah to tag you later. It is also possible to publicly remain anonymous. 
  10. To submit, email your pitch or your submission as a word document to [email protected].