Communications & Outreach

Musawah is a diverse, multi-dimensional, and organic movement, with different significance for different people. 

Building a global movement requires dedication and active promotion of Musawah key issues and the work of Advocates via many channels. Musawah wants the voices of Muslim women heard on the global stage and is striving toward this end. Popularising the Musawah Framework for Action and collectively sharing our resources and network are essential to help the movement grow.

All this needs effective and accessible communications, which must include a commitment to: translations; an emphasis on clear language; sensitivity to information and communications technology access in resource-poor contexts; inclusivity in the form, structure, and content of communications; respect for confidentiality; and positive messaging that conveys the belief that change can happen and that people can be active agents in their lives.

Musawah works to strengthen our sense of community and common purpose, with a goal of building a critical mass of supporters that work with and advocate for the Musawah Framework. We do this together by creating and sharing platforms, tools, and information that all in the Musawah community can use based on their needs and their own directions. We always work collectively to respond to real needs. 

Focus Areas 

  • Provide portals and platforms that enable the Musawah community to engage in dialogue with each other, which includes redesigning the website using Web 2.0 and integrating other new media into our work.
  • Develop and circulate a multi-media Toolkit that provides Advocates with key messages and language that they can use in their national level advocacy.
  • Work to actively engage Musawah Advocates in generating and disseminating Musawah knowledge.
  • Produce Musawah Vision, a quarterly e-newsletter for the Musawah community.
  • Build connections locally, regionally, and transnationally that link Advocates as well as allies.
  • Develop and operate diverse platforms and means that enable Advocates to engage in shared Musawah activities and programmes.
  • Share the Musawah Framework for Action locally, regionally, and internationally.
  • Work with Advocates to share the Musawah Framework for Action in their communities.


  • A stable core of engaged Advocates that can help shape the movement, its knowledge-building and advocacy.
  • A core of Advocates able to share the Musawah Framework for Action. 
  • Processes to ensure effective multi-directional communication and sharing of knowledge and linkages between all in the Musawah community are established.
  • Musawah knowledge building, outreach, and international advocacy work is supported, with a special focus on raising Musawah’s visibility as a movement and making Musawah analyses accessible.

Researching Muslim women's rights? Access the Musawah Resource Library.


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