Capacity Building

Musawah contributes towards building a tradition of public debate on Islam. 

The transformational Musawah Course Islam & Gender Equality and Justice (I-nGEJ, pronounced 'I engage') is designed for women and human rights activists working in Muslim contexts throughout the world. It offers an alternative discourse on an Islam that upholds the principles of equality and justice, helps build a tradition of public debate on religion and public law and policy, and advocates for women's rights in Muslim contexts.

The Musawah I-nGEJ Course builds the knowledge and courage of participants to critically speak out on laws, policies and practices justified in the name of Islam and their impact on women's rights and fundamental liberties. It creates a public voice of women leaders demanding alternative understandings of Islam that recognise equality and justice in the context of changing times and circumstances.

Focus Areas 

  • Conduct national- and regional-level courses for women's rights activists and policy makers.
  • Curriculum development and trainings of trainers to help build a pool of resource persons. 


  • A core of Advocates able to share knowledge about the dynamic interactions between the Qur’an, fiqh, and the rights framework and advance rights-based arguments grounded in lived realities and an understanding of Islam that upholds equality and justice.


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