What We Do

Our Ways of Working

Musawah works on three inter-related areas in order to build a strong movement of women and men working towards a common goal of equality and justice in Muslim families. All of the three areas are supported by communications activities.

Knowledge Building

Musawah is a knowledge building movement. It facilitates access to existing knowledge and creates new knowledge about women's rights in Islam. We seek to apply feminist and rights-based lenses in understanding and searching for equality and justice within Muslim legal traditions. Read more

Capacity Building

Musawah contributes to building a public voice of women leaders demanding for an alternative understanding of Islam, one that recognises equality and justice in the context of changing times and circumstances. The Musawah Course Islam & Gender Equality and Justice (I-nGEJ) is designed for women's and human rights activists from Muslim contexts.  Read more

International Advocacy

Musawah serves to strengthen women's voices at the regional and international levels and raise the visibility of initiatives for equality and justice in the Muslim family. A key strategy is engagement with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and its treaty body, the CEDAW Committee. Read more

Communications & Outreach

Building a global movement requires raising the visibility of Musawah issues and the work of Advocates for equality and justice in the Muslim family. Musawah works to strengthen our sense of community and common purpose, with a goal of building a critical mass of supporters that work with and advocate for the Musawah Framework. Read more

Access videos, articles, reports and other materials on Muslim women's rights in the Musawah Resource Library.



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