Wanted: Equality and Justice in the Muslim Family (Arabic)



This is a set of theoretical papers to provide support for Musawah's declaration that equality is necessary and possible in Muslim families today. 

From the Introduction, by Zainah Anwar:

The papers in this resource book for Musawah, the Global Movement for Equality and Justice in the Muslim Family, seek to understand the genesis of Muslim family law, how it was constructed within the classical fiqh tradition, and how the wealth of resources within fiqh and Qur'anic verses on justice, compassion and equality can support reform towards more egalitarian family relationships. Importantly, the papers demonstrate that current discriminatory Muslim family laws are not divine, but constructed by humans within particular socio-political contexts. The authors argue that equality and justice are both possible and necessary from within the Islamic tradition, within international human rights and constitutional frameworks, and given the lived realities of women and men in the Muslim world today.



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