Family Law Texts

The fact that there are differences in the different laws that all claim to be 'Islamic' demonstrates that the laws are not divine, thus reform of such laws is possible.

The following are Muslim family laws and family laws in countries with Muslim majority or minority communities. Many of the laws contain provisions that are explicitly discriminatory and unjust, which provides evidence that reform of the laws is necessary. 

Droit de la Famille 1984 (Act No. 84-11) French

Family Law Act of 2003 and Family Law (Amendment) Act of 2005 English

Personal Status Law of 1959 English (PDF)

Family Rights Law No. 92, 1951 Arabic (PDF)
Personal Status Law, 1976 Arabic (PDF)

Kenya Kadhis’ Courts Act English

Personal Status Law No. 51, 1984 Arabic 

Islamic Family Law (Federal Territories) Act 1984 (Act 303) English (PDF)

Code de Famille (1962) French (PDF)

Family Code (Moudawana) 2010 French  Arabic (PDF) 

Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines (1977) English
Family Code of the Philippines (1987) English

Personal Status Code French

More resources:

Selected statutory provisions of Muslim personal status legislation in Arab states English - taken from: Lynn Welchman, Women and Muslim family laws in Arab states: A comparative overview of textual development and advocacy (Amsterdam University Press 2007).

Information on Muslim family law systems in countries around the world - found at the Islamic Family Law project of Emory University (last updated 2002). The site provides socio-cultural information from various regions as well as legal profiles of 38 countries.

Comparison charts - Women's Learning Partnership, an international network dedicated to women's leadership and empowerment, has compiled several charts, based on the Emory IFL project, that compare the family law systems in countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

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Muslim family laws that are just and fair reflect the Qur'anic principle that women and men are equal in the eyes of God.


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