Musawah Vision for the Family

Submitted by Musawah on Mon, 02/20/2017 - 19:26

The Musawah Vision for the Family proposes a model of Muslim family relations that upholds equality and justice for all family members and promotes the well-being of families and society.

The document outlines how and why we must rethink notions of male authority and guardianship (qiwamah and wilayah) over women on the basis of Qur'anic values, Muslim legal tradition, human rights principles, and the lived realities of women and men. Family relationships in Muslim societies should be grounded in values and principles such as love and compassion (mawaddah wa rahmah), serenity (sakinah), dignity (karamah), consultation and mutual consent (tashawur wa taradi), justice, fairness, and equity (‘adl, qist, insaf), kindness (ihsan), and that which is commonly known to be right (ma‘ruf). The time for equality in the family is now.

The Musawah Vision for the Family is available in English, Arabic and French.







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