This special edition of Vision is a celebration of Musawah and its story.

A candid discussion with the founding members and staff will take the reader back to the beginnings of the adventure: From one global meeting over 8 years ago to a Movement growing stronger every day.

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This issue of Vision takes you inside the Global Life Stories Project: a participatory research that brought together Musawah and 9 country teams to document the life stories of women from different walks of life with the aim of seeking knowledge about women’s lived realites of qiwamah and wilayah in the selected national contexts. It features an interview with Ms. Mulki Al-sharmani the project coordinator and shares with the reader our latest publication : Musawah Knowledge Briefs. 

March 2016

This issue features a small collection of writings by Musawah Advocates as a special tribute to the late Moroccan feminist sociologist and writer, Fatima Mernissi, who cleared the ground for all who are attempting to reclaim a feminism that is placed within Islam today.


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December 2015

The Gambia bans Female Genital Mutilation (FGM); Indonesia's government to revamp family planning measures; Fatema Mernissi, a founder of Islamic feminism, passes away; Saudi Arabia's elections see 80% female turnout in places whilst divorced women and widows stand to received greater legal powers in the kingdom.

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September 2015

Violence against women taking on new shapes and forms in Egypt; Indian Muslim women oppose talaq; the religious-secular polarisation comes under the spotlight in the Moroccan women's movement; Palestine's first and only woman 'mazouna' to perform marriages is appointed; a landmark decision by a South African High Court confirms divorced Muslim women have a right to paid maintenance. 

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June 2015

Indonesia will no longer send domestic workers to the Middle East; Malaysian women's groups insist marital rape be made a crime; Morocco revives efforts to reform restrictive abortion law; Nigeria signs VAPP Act into law; Musawah Founding Member Ziba Mir-Husseini named winner of 2015 Martin E. Marty Award; Musawah's knowledge building work offers a way forward from within Muslim legal tradition.

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