Knowledge Building Briefs

Musawah Knowledge Building Briefs provide you with an accessible understanding of key concepts and ideas related to the Muslim legal tradition and family laws.

Knowledge Building Brief n°1, Shari’ah, Fiqh and State Laws, highlights why it is essential to distinguish between these terms in order to set the divine and eternal apart from the human and temporal, and therefore open to change.

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Knowledge Building Brief n°2, Muslim Family Laws: What Makes Reform Within the Tradition Possible, provides brief explanations of some key concepts and methods from within the Muslim legal tradition and how they can be used as tools for reform towards egalitarian gender relations in the family and society. 

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Knowledge Building Brief n°3, Islam and the Question of Gender Equality, looks at the different approaches to gender equality in Muslim contexts and provide arguments to advocate for substantive and transformative approaches to equality, inspired both by Qur’anic values and human rights principles.

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Knowledge Building Brief n°4, CEDAW and Muslim Family Laws, unpacks the arguments of those resisting CEDAW implementation in Muslim contexts and shows that CEDAW can provide a useful mechanism for countries on their path towards gender equality.

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