CEDAW and Muslim Family Laws

“This is exciting, groundbreaking work that will bridge the gap between Islam and human rights.”

This is a common response at the international level to Musawah’s work and vision. From top officials in the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva to independent experts on the CEDAW Committee, from gender and human rights academics to activists working on CEDAW shadow reports, all have welcomed the Musawah Framework and other publications and tools. In the face of persistent state resistance in the name of Islam to comply with human rights obligations, Musawah’s analysis enables a more constructive and productive engagement towards reform of discriminatory laws and practices. 

How you can get involved:

  • Join the CEDAW shadow reporting process in your country and/or ensure that your shadow report emphasises that equality and justice in Muslim families are necessary and possible;
  • Attend the CEDAW Session when your government reports to the CEDAW Committee and actively engage with CEDAW Committee members on Musawah’s key principles;
  • Request the support of the Musawah Secretariat to submit a thematic report on marriage and family issues to the CEDAW Committee in response to your government’s report. This is in the event that NGOs from your country are unable to submit a shadow report or attend the CEDAW session, or if the shadow reports from your country fail to address Muslim family laws and practices. 

For more information, contact us via musawah@musawah.org .

Join us! Equality and justice cannot wait!


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