Be a Visionary

Musawah is your movement so we want your voices!

Musawah is looking for Musawah Visionaries who can commit to regularly contributing to Vision, our regular electronic update, and to the process of Musawah knowledge building that we can all benefit from. 
Sadly, Musawah cannot pay Musawah Visionaries for their time. But if you become a Musawah Visionary we will sign an agreement with you and you can then put your contribution on your CV/bio-data. We could also write you a reference if needed for education or job applications. 
If you can write short articles or do a short interview about a Musawah issue or activity, your contribution will be posted on our website and social media and might be published with your name by openDemocracy , sister-hood and other platforms that Musawah maintains strong ties with. We might carry a report with your name on the Musawah website. 
Being a Musawah Visionary is perfect for anyone interested in journalism, field research, or NGO communications. 
How do I become a Musawah Visionary?
To find out more, please contact us. We will send you a copy of the agreement and answer any questions you may have about how it works.
In sum, each agreement only lasts for six months but can be renewed. During those six months, you will commit to sending two contributions every month: one substantial contribution plus one smaller contribution. 
In return, the Musawah Secretariat, and other Advocates as relevant will provide you support and advice. We may also lend you simple equipment such as a video camera and/or digital voice recorder.
What's happening in your part of the world and in your work that relates to equality and justice in the family? Tell us!


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