The Musawah Community

Musawah is a movement for all who share Musawah’s principles and vision for change. While women and men of all religions and beliefs make up the Musawah community, Musawah is led by Muslim women so as to reflect our particular need for equality and justice in the family and to highlight our efforts to show that this is possible within Islam. Musawah seeks to provide knowledge resources, information, and links that can support those working to ensure equality in family laws and practices in Muslim contexts, including where these laws and practices are codified or uncodified, secular or based on religion, and where they affect Muslims as well as people of other religions and beliefs.

The Musawah community includes Musawah Advocates, Allies, Affinity Groups, Working Groups, the International Advisory Group and its Steering Committee, the Musawah Secretariat, and everyone who has a stake and is actively involved in Musawah’s work. As a movement, it aims to have a flexible structure to support its global reach and activities and to ensure effective and accountable governance and resource management.

The International Advisory Group

The International Advisory Group (IAG) was formed in February 2010 when the original Planning Committee for Musawah’s first Global Meeting was dissolved. Read more

The Musawah Secretariat

Musawah has a rotating Secretariat. This is to ensure that as a global movement, it can grow in diverse cultural and political contexts. This also offers different Advocates the opportunity to take up leadership. Read more

Working Groups

Working Groups on knowledge building, outreach, international advocacy, communications, and resource mobilisation support, advise, and assist in developing work plans, building resources, and implementing activities for each of these areas of work. The Working Groups are made up of Musawah Advocates, IAG members, Secretariat staff members, and allies. The convenors of the five Working Groups are members of the Musawah Steering Committee. Read more 


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