Our Journey

February 2009 

Musawah formally launched at its first Global Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with 270 participants and resource persons from 47 countries and over 50 local and international volunteers.


Secretariat established within Sisters in Islam to: (1) consult with groups and individuals in as many countries and contexts as possible to gauge interest in the idea of a global movement on equality in Muslim families; (2) support local groups to conduct national consultative processes on family law issues facing Muslim women; (3) work with the Planning Committee to organise the Musawah Global Meeting with feedback from the consultative processes; and (4) facilitate the compilation and production of resources on family law issues for launch at the Global Meeting.

December 2007

Conceptual meeting with 21 participants from 15 countries held in Cairo, Egypt, to deepen and clarify the conceptual framework for equality in Muslim family laws and practices and lay the groundwork for the Musawah Framework for Action.

March 2007 

A 12-person Planning Committee comprised of activists and scholars from different regions meets in Istanbul, Turkey, at the invitation of SIS. This group decides that instead of simply holding one international meeting on family law reform, we should build on existing efforts and initiatives to create a movement that brings together Islamic and human rights frameworks, along with the lived realities of women and men, to realise equality and justice in Muslim families.


In the course of meetings, workshops and conversations, members of Sisters in Islam (SIS) perceive interest in and an intense need for building an international network to share scholarship, strategies, and best practices on work related to family laws in Muslim contexts. This is seen as a strategic way to collectively counter the widespread use of Islam to resist women’s demands for equality and justice and push for reform in national, regional, and international contexts.

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