2009 Global Meeting

From 13-17 February 2009, Musawah held its first Global Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Approximately 250 activists, scholars, academics, legal practitioners and policy makers from some fifty countries attended the meeting.

The international planning committee of Musawah spent almost two years building a foundation for the initiative by commissioning background theoretical papers to provide the basic grounding to understand why equality and justice is necessary and possible; developing a Framework for Action and principles to guide Musawah's work; consulting scholars, activists and practitioners from over thirty Muslim countries in this process; building a website to promote the Musawah principles and substantive arguments for family law reform; and organising the February 2009 Global Meeting to bring activists, scholars and decision-makers together in a common demand for equality and justice.

The objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Introduce the movement, its principles, process, objectives, resources, tools and conceptual framework;
  • Empower women's groups, activists and practitioners through the sharing of knowledge and experiences;
  • Build support and alliances; and
  • Agree on the way forward for Musawah.

The Global Meeting Summary of Proceedings (English) provides an overview of the Meeting, including descriptions of each of the plenary and break-out sessions. For the Arabic version, click here . For the French version, click here

Watch the Musawah Opening Video and the 2009 Global Meeting Closing Video (YouTube).

The programme combined plenary sessions and workshops focused on why and how equality and justice in the family are necessary and possible. The meeting opened with a gala dinner and celebration with special performances. Musawah's Young Women's Caucus met throughout the five days.  The Musawah website was launched, and three publications were distributed:

A good overview of the meeting is Ziba Mir-Hosseini's contribution to the July/August 2009 issue of The Middle East in London, 'In Search of Equality: From London to Kuala Lumpur'.

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To see pictures from the event, please visit Musawah's Flickr page.


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